Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Salzburg La Bohème

Instead of going to the HD of La Traviata, I went to a party where the film of Puccini's La Bohème from Salzburg in 2012 was shown projected on the wall.  I liked very much seeing the faces up close.  Mimi isn't lighting her candle, she is lighting her cigarette.

Conductor: Daniele Gatti,
Production:  Damiano Michieletto

Anna Netrebko (Mimi)
Piotr Beczala (Rodolfo)
Nino Machaidze (Musetta)
Massimo Cavalletti (Marcello)
Alessio Arduini (Schaunard)

The production is supposed to make you think of Paris.  There are many reminders.  I love this wonderful cast and enjoyed seeing it again.

I have only enjoyed the Traviata red dress production when it was done with Netrebko.  Perhaps I will watch my DVD.


Rob said...

Yesterday's Traviata was quite different from the original version with Netrebko/Villazon. But I thought Mr. Fabiano and Ms. Yoncheva made the roles their own this time around. I need to check out that Boeheme. I've seen bits of it but never sat still for the whole thing.

Paul said...

Yoncheva was superb -- different than Netrebko in this role but certainly neither better nor worse. Fabiano was decent but vastly overshadowed vocally by his co-star, which diminished him a bit. He also had on clothes that didn't seem to fit very well. [My wife joked that he was wearing his "Bar Mitzvah suit" because the arms and legs seemed too short.] Hampson was less-than-impressive, and I've seen lots of online comments where folks were asking why Dwayne Croft (who sang the role of the Baron) didn't sing the major role instead. Why, indeed?

Dr.B said...

Hampson is on the DVD where I liked him. He's popular in a way that Dwayne isn't, though I've never been wild about him. I don't know. How many Traviatas can a person stand?

Dr.B said...

Paul, Fabiano came to our area in recital recently, and a friend made the same comment about his clothing. Maybe he needs to go shopping.