Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 12 Singers

This is a list generated by Limelight Magazine from Australia of the top 12 singers today.

Renée Fleming
Natalie Dessay
Anna Netrebko
Elina Garanča
Cecilia Bartoli
Joyce DiDonato
Juan Diego Florez
Jonas Kaufmann
Placido Domingo
Simon Keenlyside
René Pape
Bryn Terfel

It's nicely symmetrical, don't you think?  I'm very pleased to see Joyce in this list.  She and Jonas are probably the most recent additions.  I would agree that this is pretty much the list, but I have flown to see only three of them. It's probably not a coincidence that most of them have appeared on my sexiest list at one time or another.

Two years ago Rolando Villazon would have appeared.  The only truly shocking omission is Angela Gheorghiu.


Anonymous said...

Maybe amnesia?
If they forgot Angela ,Anna Natrebko didn't.She thinks is Angela is the best soprano nowadays.

Por otra parte, expresó su gran admiración por su colega rumana Angela Gheorghiu, quien recientemente le arrebató el premio Classical BRIT a la Mejor Artista del año, así como cantantes de otras épocas como Mirella Freni y Maria Callas.

"Quiero decir que no me considero la mejor entre las mejores. De las cantantes contemporáneas me gusta mucho Angela Gheorghiu. Creo que es en la actualidad la mejor soprano del mundo. Es muy bella y canta con dulzura", dijo.
Article from El Universal. The rest of it here:

Dr.B said...

I would drop Placido and put in Angela even if the list would not be symmetrical. For her style, the best of all the contemporary singers.

Sarah said...

Angela and Anna were neck in neck but in the end Anna just squeaked in.
And as for the symmetry - each panellist was asked to vote for their top 3 in each category, so the final list was always going to be structured that way.

Dr.B said...

Sorry, Sarah. The point of making a list is to argue over it afterward.

Sarah said...

Oh, absolutely. I just thought I'd contribute to that. (And that the situation with Angela should be made clear. Until I saw the magazine on the shelf, I thought she'd beaten Anna.)