Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Opera Broadcasts

Imagine my shock to read that 48 of the 60 theaters where the Metropolitan Opera was broadcast were sold out. People were standing outside the theaters begging for tickets and thinking of driving to Fresno. This is very exciting.


Paul said...

Here in Colorado, only TWO theatres so far are showing the Met broadcasts - one in Colorado Springs (60 miles south of me) and another on the west side of Denver (about 25 miles away). I'm headed to see Puritani tomorrow, so we'll see how crowded it is. When I called yesterday I was told that they still had 211 tickets remaining out of 268, which I found hard to believe - esp. only 48 hours before the performance. Beginning with the next broadcast, a third Colo. theatre is being added, in the SE metro area of Denver and only about 8 miles from my house.

Anonymous said...

I just saw I Puritani at the Desert Ridge in Phoenix, and the sound was less than wonderful, unreasonably soft and sort of diffuse. Is anyone else having that problem?

Dr.B said...

I saw this in Sacramento, too, but there the problem was that the sound was too loud. It was explained to us that this was built into the technology and could not be locally adjusted. Complain.