Thursday, March 01, 2007


There is so much news I can hardly digest it all.

People are still having technical issues with the Met simulcasts, though I must confess the Portland experience seemed perfect. The picture was bright enough to please Jean who now has difficulty seeing. She complained bitterly about I Puritani in particular, that it was too dim and barely visible. I've seen broadcasts in Sacramento, Emeryville and Portland and the results have been varied. The worst was a 10 minute period of no sound at all for The First Emperor. It is all very well to suggest that they leave it alone on the receiving end, but I get the impression it simply doesn't work like that. Testing and tuning the theater system seems essential. There is never a substitute for knowing what you're doing. Even the simple task of turning up the lights when the opera was over seemed impossible.

The guy from the Paris Opera, Gerard Mortier, is coming to New York. Is he the guy who produced the Alcina with nude men? (Available from House of Opera.) This has become a personal favorite since it also includes high quality performances by Susan Graham, Renée Fleming and Natalie Dessay. Are these examples of his poor taste in singers? It all sounds like fun with dueling egos across the plaza at Lincoln center.

Perhaps I should go to Paris and check him out. What else have I got to do?

And it has been recommended that I stay alive until 2011 to see Renée do Norma. My imagination is not making this connection. I want to see Angela do it. This connection I can make. But I already commented on this here.

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