Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nino Machaidze

My mind wandered and I missed this new singer. I know Nino means little boy in Spanish, but nevertheless she's a soprano and is all over you tube.

Try her out with Rolando Villazon at the Salzburg Festival:

I hear a certain tonal resemblance to Netrebko who is out of commission having a baby. Am I hallucinating, or does she look like her a bit, too? Very handy. For my ears her voice is somewhat higher and lighter than Anna's.

This is Romeo et Juliette in a very fine musical performance, especially by Villazon. She is shown speaking Italian on YouTube, but she is very hard to find out about. Even the Salzburg Festival site has nothing. One announcer compared her looks to Angelina Jolie. Oy.

I am withholding judgment so far. She doesn't slide enough for me.



It's a big voice with a nice tone, but no nuance. She's supposed to be 25. Absolutely everything about her is from the recent appearance in Salzburg.

Footnote 2011: Here is her website. And this news item reports that she has been signed by Sony Classical 1.17.2011.

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