Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jonas Kaufmann sings Mahler

This is what I tried to fly to Cleveland to hear last winter. Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde. One of my favorite things.

First movement. "Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde".  Click on this.  It will work.

Third movement. "Von der Jugend"

Fifth movement. "Der Trunkene im Fruhling" Notes have been added. This is the performance I missed.

He is so perfect. Of course, the best movements are for mezzo.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing those links with us! I listened to "The Drunkard In Spring," and it was full of fiery passion, as it should be! I currently understand you to have said, however, that we do not know anything about this performance apart from, of course, the fact that he is the singer. If that understanding is correct, I suppose we must assume for now that this came from a live performance not commercially available, though it would be nice if he were to eventually record it so! Were I to buy an available _Das_ _Lied_ now, it would be the Ludwig/Wunderlich/Klemperer recording on EMI (unless it has been deleted without me knowing about it).

If you would care to say, do I assume that you have heard some, or possibly all, of the new Pappano _Butterfly_, due for release over here tomorrow? I am reasonably certain that I will buy it as a download, if all goes well, in order to save a little money, though that would make it advisable to borrow a Braille libretto, which I assume is available, given the popularity of that opera (I currently have that for _Ariadne_, the Kempe recording of which I just downloaded last week). I heard the end of the Act-I love duet from this new recording on Saturday past on BBC Radio 3's _CD_ _Review_, and I felt Mr. Kaufmann was in _RADIANT_ form!

Dr.B said...

I have always loved the Janet Baker version. Christa Ludwig should also be great. I haven't heard Butterfly yet.