Monday, July 16, 2012


OMG.  This picture has already been posted on the forum, but I cannot help posting it again.

I admit that I noticed a gigantic gap in the schedule of La Gioiosa after the end of the Salzburg Festival in August.  This picture is apparently a clue.  Am I hallucinating or are the eyes brown?  I don't know whether to laugh or run.

Part of the joy of being Cecilia Bartoli's devoted follower is not knowing what she is going to do next.  She exceeds all expectations. 

I cannot stop smiling.

Comment from Facebook:   Haare werden überschätzt ;-)  [Hair is overtreasured.]

In a film I was watching Harnoncourt says of Cecilia Bartoli, "She is one of the few singers who can actually do what she imagines."  And I say it is much more than that.  Many can do but few can truly imagine.

I'm still smiling.

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