Thursday, November 27, 2014

Warning! Modern Music!

Barbara Hannigan is a name that is new to me.  Let's introduce her.


'Burnt Toast':

Soap operas by Alexina Louie and Dan Redican.

Barbara Hannigan is not the sort of voice I would normally be interested in, but her work is fascinating. I'd never heard of her, but apparently she's all over, mainly on  She's in Written on Skin.

And then there's this--György Ligeti Mysteries of the Macabre.  It is in some way related to Ligeti's opera Le Grand Macabre. She's singing in English, I think.  There are no Wagner references in this.

I started down this road because of a comment on my post titled "Singing en pointe." Apparently Ms Hannigan sings most of the role of Lulu en pointe. It is easier to see the connection of ballet to Clorinda than to Lulu.  We will close with this trailer for Lulu.  I will have to buy it now.

P.S.  Someone apparently thinks my selections are disrespectful.  I don't.  I am deliberately promoting the idea that opera and indeed all of classical music is fun and entertaining.  I chose the films that entertained me.  Barbara Hannigan should not feel embarrassed by them.  The Ligeti is particularly spectacular.  She is simultaneously conducting, singing and dramatizing her piece.  I am impressed.  Her ensemble appears to be enjoying it as much as I am.

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Marilyn said...

These posts may give the wrong impression of a very serious musician. Look at her interviews and concerts on the digital concert hall and her lectures especially the one about Lulu. She was the artist in residence at Lucerne this year and starred in Les Soldaten in Munich this year.