Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coote does Mahler

This is Alice Coote singing Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen by Mahler at the Royal Albert Hall.

I - "Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht" ("When My Sweetheart is Married")

II - "Ging heut Morgen übers Feld" ("I Went This Morning over the Field")

III - "Ich hab'ein glühend Messer" ("I Have a Gleaming Knife")

IV - "Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz" ("The Two Blue Eyes of my Beloved")

I think if I were to sing these, I would want it to be exactly like this.

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Emilio said...

I really like Alice Coote and think she is a great artist. I can also recommend very much her "Winterreise"!