Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cecilia Bartoli Forum

Edited May24:  it's gone.

The fan site Cecilia Bartoli Forum is going down on May 24 because on May 25 the new EU laws concerning the internet go into effect.  He is concerned that as a blogger with no commercial content he is nevertheless exposed to potential fines.

I'm not in the EU, so I am ignoring this.  I am minimally involved in commerce because I display links to  If they want me, they will have to come and get me.  I don't collect information about anyone except opera singers and maybe conductors, directors, etc.  I collect this information in my head.

The cookies law was far simpler.  Blogger could simply take care of it.  When I pull up my blog here in the United States, there is no cookie warning, but if I pull it up in Europe, there it is.  We were wishing there was a similarly simple solution to this new situation, but no one has any idea what they need to do.  So:  Dear EU, if I am violating your law, you will please inform me first of what I am doing wrong and second what I might do about it.  Until this happens, I'm going on with what I'm doing.  I have noticed since this was posted that pictures I post for display sometimes disappear from the site used by Blogger.  Someone may have requested this.

Schedule information about Cecilia Bartoli may be found on her official site.  She posts occasionally on Twitter.


Footnote.  People don't go into business on the internet for fun.  They do it for money.  Money on the internet generally comes from advertising.  It works like this:

1. I pay someone to advertise my product or site.

2. They identify what type of product I am wanting to advertise.

3.  They identify which internet users might be interested in my product.  They do this by gathering data on what they do when on the internet.

The only alternative to this advertising model is to distribute advertisements for product randomly to all internet users.  Only a very small percentage of internet users have any interest in opera.  I am not even able to imagine how you would get this to work so that you actually gained viewers or sales.


Didymus said...

Dear Dr. B, I shut down the CBF simply due to the fact, that right now, no one really can say, how we bloggers will be treated by the law. But it's pretty clear, that a blog is affected by the GDPR. Only very personal sites, as an example, sites with photos, that only can be seen by personal invitation from the owner, are not affected.
The US is not an island. As much, as your Mr. Trump is trying to create such a thing, it's still part of the world wide web and people from Europe do visit your site. Your site allows comments and you even have ads on it, so no on will warn you in advance before they sue you.
You might think, you don't collect personal data, but your provider does, like in my case google. You stay liable for everything, that gets collected on your site and you have to take good care of your blog
Look at this article, that clearly states the liabilities of US sites:

Dr.B said...

This is an article about UNICEF. I see nothing about the internet.
I have been doing this for many years and no one has ever asked me to remove a picture or anything else for that matter. I consider my primary focus is to promote opera. Why should they object to free advertising?

Dr.B said...

The words I wrote were my own person perspective. I don't want to knuckle under.

Didymus said...

Sorry, this is, wht i wanted to link to. That's the problem with sites, that update title pages: