Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My son was young in the time of Star Wars, and I allowed him to go stand in line for tickets to see these films when they were first released. It's too late to arrest me for this. He became a devotee of queuing, though he wouldn't have called it that, of course. I was unconvinced.

So this morning I queued for Eugene Onegin, since I was sure this was the only way I would get in. I was anxious to see Rolando Villazon in the flesh. I saw someone in my hotel that I thought looked like him, but we will count tonight's performance as the first time I will have actually seen him.

I had a very nice chat with two women from the UK. One is a realtor, originally from Scotland, who now lives in the south of Spain. She says the properties are very reasonable there, but did not give me her card. The other woman is a former employee of the British Museum, now retired. We reminisced about great singers we had seen in performance. I, of course, always have my Elisabeth Schwarzkopf in Der Rosenkavalier story to tell, which always receives appreciative moans. I felt that the museum woman won the contest by saying that she had seen Victoria de los Angeles in La Boheme.

We do love it so.


Anonymous said...

Be warned that Rolando was indisposed Monday. My friend who was there is of th eopinion he will also miss tonight (Perhaps because she's going again) but I'm not sure she has anything on which to base this. However, be warned.

Paul said...

Lucky woman! Opera Colorado did "Onegin" a few seasons ago and it was quite good, although the staging was somewhat bizarre. Lensky's aria may be one of the best things he ever composed.

Dr.B said...

Sigh. Let's hope my stars are aligned.