Saturday, October 06, 2007


And who are these people I am supposed to be following?

Measha Brueggergosman whose Deutsche Grammophon recording is now out. Notice how her dress hides her feet.

Erin Wall who has a web site "coming soon" here. Sorry, that's hurricane Erin. Meanwhile, hear her on MySpace.

Tracie Luck who appeared recently in New York in Margaret Garner.

Jonas Kaufmann who can be seen here. He just won the award from Gramophone magazine for best vocal album for a Strauss Lieder recording. I'll have to look into this. He's just been signed by Decca.

Vivica Genaux seen here as Jackie Kennedy in Semele. It's the pillbox hat that gives it away, the one in the assassination photos. Doing it in pink would have been bad taste.

That's a few anyway. This is not an official list.

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