Thursday, May 22, 2008


There is nothing I could possibly say about this. E perfetto.

So I will write anyway....

Her voice is at its most beautiful, with that gorgeous roundness that I love above all other sounds. I like the slowness of the tempo at the start because it encourages her to play with the rhythm against the constant beat of the piano. Because that is what I love most. How does she do that? How can she go so far off the beat, both ahead and behind, and never lose the sense of it? It draws my heart in.

I hope the date of 2003 is right.

I went off my head completely for exactly this. And she is at her very best here. The trill and high note at the end are amazing. I was an insane fan for several years. Eventually one simply cannot tolerate so much insanity and pulls oneself together.

I don’t know why I wanted to meet her. I imagined it to be different than it turned out to be. But I never wonder why I loved her so much. I only have to listen to this.

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Dr.B said...

I don't seem to tire of it.