Sunday, May 11, 2008


After all these years I'm starting to catch on to how blogging works. It's difficult, maybe impossible to change your mind and take something back. For better or worse it goes out there into the air.

Classical music and I have a history. I blog to exorcise my musical demons, and sometimes the emotional cracks show. It does seem to be working though.

Survivor is life. It's all about alliances. Find someone who can carry you to the end, and then see that they do. I did this pretty well at Bechtel, but in music I completely failed.

Something funny happened the other day. I go to the simulcast viewings with two sisters I knew in college. Out of the blue one of them looked at the other, pointed at me and declared my life in music to have been a success. Go figure. Everything is how you frame it. Frame it so you come out ahead.

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