Friday, May 30, 2008


While talking to another voice teacher, I found out some nice gossip.

Dolora Zajick has a learning disability. This limits her repertoire but not the wonderful quality of her performances.

Jonas was ready to give up singing until he was rescued by an American voice teacher who said he was a Heldentenor. I gave my back a little pat on that one. I said he was a Heldentenor, too.

We shared a lack of enthusiasm for Thomas Hampson. He has no passion.

When listening to the CSUS opera workshop performance earlier this month, I guessed correctly which local voice teacher one of the singers studied with. This is in a town where I haven't lived for 40 years.

But no job. They are having budget cuts. Some suggestions were made of things I could do. It was fun dropping names with someone who actually knows who the names are.

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