Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adler Fellows

picked D me sang type
Susannah Biller, yes yes
Zdenka soubrette
Sara Gartland, yes yes
Gilda soprano
Maya Lahyani, yes yes
Carmen mezzo
Ryan Belongie, yes

Xerxes countertenor
Brian Jadge yes

Don Jose, Macduff tenor
Tamara Sanikidze. yes

Yohan Yi
Aleko bass-baritone
Michael Sumuel
yes yes Alidoro baritone
Nathanial Peake
Duke tenor
Margaret Gawrysiak
Joan of Arc heavy mezzo
Suzanne Hendrix
Cornelia contralto
Kate Crist
Eva heavy soprano
Aleksey Bogdanov

yes Tonio baritone

From Opera Tattler these are the Adler fellows for 2010, the ones my friend D liked, the ones I liked, what they sang in the closing Merola concert and their voice categories. I probably liked more than this, but I liked these two a lot. It is amazing they picked the countertenor. Tamara Sanikidze wasn't in the concert or the booklet. Maybe she's left over from this year. The only person on the internet with this name is a pianist.

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