Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sacramento Philharmonic in resurrection mode

This is the headline from the Sacramento Bee about next season.  They are getting advice from the Detroit Symphony so they are focusing on symphonic repertoire.  There will be no opera in 2015-16.

I haven't been going to the Philharmonic because they generally focus on repertoire that doesn't interest me, but the two announced concerts look very exciting:

On June 27 will be Mahler Symphony #2, called the Resurrection symphony.  Very suitable, don't you think?  I love this piece and will definitely be attending.

Michael Morgan is out.  The whole season is now available and there will be a series of guest conductors.  Here is the whole season.

27-Jun-15 8:00 Mahler 2
17-Oct-15 8:00 Tchaikovsky 4
16-Jan-16 8:00 Mozart/Mendelssohn
23-Jan-16 8:00 Mozart Requiem
20-Feb-16 8:00 Rachmaninov
9-Apr-16 8:00 Dvorak
7-May-16 8:00 Beethoven 9

If I can't have opera, I will take Mahler 2 and Beethoven 9.

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