Saturday, January 30, 2021

Jenůfa from Amsterdam


Conductor: Patrick Lange
Jenůfa: Lise Davidsen - soprano,
Kostelnička Buryjovka: Claude Eichenberger- soprano,
Stařenka Buryjovka: Helena Rasker - alt,
Laca Klemeň: David Butt Philip - tenor,
Števa Buryja: Pavel Petrov - tenor,


Jenůfa (yeh-NEW-fuh) by Leoš Janáček is on the radio this morning from the Netherlands.  I got up early to hear Lise Davidsen as Jenůfa, but with her is a lovely soprano named Claude Eichenberger as Kostelnicka.    This is Lise's debut in this role.  I'm enjoying it very much.

While the live program is enjoying intermissions, we are treated to instrumental interludes, sometimes by Janáček, but also by Dvorak.  It is new to me to hear something by Janáček that isn't from one of his operas.  

Unfortunately, Kostelnička has all the fun in this opera.  Lise gets a terrific finish.  Beautiful performance.


So today, Sunday, we have a video.  Remember this is a concert performance. On the radio that doesn't matter.  It is easier to evaluate specific singers when you can see everyone.  Lise seems to dominate this particular ensemble.  She's the only one who doesn't have a chair in Act I, but stands serenely in the center.  Later she gets a chair.  Lise is the most intense Jenůfa I've seen.

The announcer calls it Moravish verismo.  Cute.  

This can now be viewed on Opera on Video.

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