Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lynn Job

I was introduced today to the work of Lynn Job, a composer who uses electronic media in an unusual way. I wondered if she is a follower of Tan Dun, but her unusual sounds are recordings rather than live performances. Here is information about her.

I was attending a morning club meeting when one of the members performed Job's Serengeti Supper for alto saxophone and sound track. Among other sounds were lions roaring, bird calls, water flowing, native singers, percussion, string orchestra, etc. and a live alto saxophonist. I can't help wondering if this is the wave of the future and asked the performer. He says yes. The composer works somewhere in Texas. It was fun and did not involve any forms from the classical period.


Anonymous said...

How kind of you to post a review and link. A "morning musicale?" - how unusual. I would love to know more about your event. Vielen dank! (Coincidentally, today I will see "Serengeti Supper's" commissioner [who premiered it in Germany, 2002], for a Christmas party). I haven't had the honor or pleasure to meet Tan Dun, but I have been to one of his studios in Panchiao/Taipei, Taiwan (May, 2001). -- composer Lynn Job

Dr.B said...

The club is the Sacramento alumni chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon.