Friday, February 29, 2008


Jonas Kaufmann's new album is out in the UK and the reviews are good. And how could they not be? He is a German singer with a distinctively German style and naturally excels in the German repertoire, but the other stuff sounds pretty good, too. I am not the only one who finds this a fabulous Prize Song.

Here's a nice quote from the internet: Er ist sexy wie Brad, hat Locken wie Antonio, kann spielen wie George und singen - wie sonst keiner: Wenn der Münchner Jonas Kaufmann den Mund aufmacht, liegt ihm das Opernpublikum zu Füßen. [He is sexy like Brad (Pitt), has hair like Antonio (Banderas), can act like George (Clooney?) and sings like no one else: when Municher Jonas Kauffman opens his mouth, the opera public is at his feet.]


operanuts said...

Dear Dr.B, as a fellow fan of Jonas living here in Germany, I would like to inform you, that there have been lots of articles and reviews on him in almost all major and smaller German newspapers, magazines, radio and tv during last month.
While the audience is giving him standing ovations, most critics don`t like him so much. To dark and smokey the voice, to covered, to heavy, to small tessitura, not able to sing piano, to macho, can`t touch the heart, unable to sing different styles, to sexy. Let`s hope he is tough and grounded enough to handle all the hype.

Dr.B said...

I'm sorry to hear this. However, with his new recording contract and his sensible attitude about adding heavier repertoire only gradually, it will not matter what they say.

Dr.B said...

Additional comment. It would be a mistake to evaluate Kaufmann's work as a whole and then form opinions based on that. If you pay attention to the passage of time, you will see that his voice is maturing and his style is changing. He is giving himself time to grow. We should do the same.