Thursday, October 20, 2011


I was interested in the fact that Peter Gelb interviewed Anna Netrebko before the performance of Anna Bolena.  I see this as a signal to the world.  He, Peter Gelb, is conferring on this diva a never before seen honor, that she is now the number one opera singer in the world.


Anonymous said...

Really. What an interesting perspective. I thought Gelb was merely accommodating the divaish behavior of Nebrebko and her attempt to snub Rene Fleming. Not to mention her feigning the taxing role she was singing, which would lead one to believe that she needed the intermission to recover and remain in character. Clearly, that was not the case given her clownish behavior in the background during Fleming's interview with the principals in Don Giovanni. Her interruption of that interview was clearly an attempt to distract, which was unfair to those deserving performers. Following that interview, while Fleming was attempting to urge donors to contribute to the Met, Netrebko behaved even more inappropriately, clearly zeroing in on the camera with her antics and attempting to upstage Fleming and her so important message. While Netrebko has a lovely voice and is indeed a wonderful actor, too, she will never have the class and presence of Renee Fleming. Don't move over Renee Fleming, move over Angela G. There's another mad Russian behind you. Unfortunately, she will never be the full package that Renee Fleming has always been, just one of those free samples they hand out at the supermarket.

Dr.B said...

I try not to argue with people's comments, but it's hard. So what is your explanation for the fact that Peter Gelb and Anna Netrebko also appeared together in an interview with Charlie Rose? Who was she trying to avoid there? I thought it was a terrible interview, but blamed Rose.

I love Anna's personality and know that if she didn't clown around, something would be wrong. And none of what I'm saying should be construed to mean any kind of criticism of Renee Fleming. I also love Renee. I'm aware that all kinds of people become singers, and I choose to judge them solely on the basis of their performances.

Dr.B said...

The question to concentrate on is not why she would do it. The correct question is why would he?