Sunday, March 04, 2012

Medici tv

If you sit all day and fiddle with computers, your health will go bad, but you may discover useful things, like Medici tv or  Try it.  Apparently I can watch Otello from Zurich on it starting on March 8.

I seem always to arrive at certain milestones of old age just as the technological solution arrives.  My memory is going, but now we have Google.  I could not remember the name of Mariska Hargitay's mother, but in a few seconds Google provides it.  It isn't even necessary to remember how to spell Hargitay.  Or even what her name is at all.  It's all there waiting in some search engine.

I have noticed that none of the translators know how to form a German sentence into an English one, so there is still a use for human brains.

One could sit all day and watch concerts over the internet on  Ariadne from Baden Baden with Renée is what I'm watching now.  Oh dear.

In Italien faengt die Vorstellung gar nicht an bis zum 9 Uhr Abends.  [In Ariadne the performers are told that everything must be over by 9 pm in time for the fireworks, and I was merely pointing out that in Italy the performance doesn't even start until after 9.  Remember "venti tre ori" in Pagliacci?  That means it starts at 11 pm.]

In memory the diva who gave the best reading of "Was is das?" was Leontyne Price.  It was like a very melodramatic contralto.  Quite funny.

Sophie Koch is an excellent composer.  And why did I never notice before that the three ladies are singing "Schlafe, schlafe, holder süßer Knabe"?

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