Sunday, June 17, 2012


I finally found someone who would send me the list of numbers from The Enchanted Island.  I found something I didn't expect.  The selection of numbers appears to have been tailor made for the artists in the cast, perhaps an attempt to guarantee success.

David Daniels had already sung...
  • #16, Vivaldi: Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, "Longe mala, umbrae, terrores"  
  • #41, Handel: Partenope, "Ch’io parta?"
 Joyce DiDonato had already sung...
  • #4, Handel: Teseo, "Morirò, ma vendicata"  
 Luca Pisaroni sings 
  • #5, Handel: La Resurrezione,  "O voi, dell’Erebo"  
 Placido Domingo sings
  • #22, Handel: Tamerlano,  "Oh, per me lieto" 

Besides this, a large number of pieces are from recent performances by other contemporary artists.  These include Philippe Jeroussky, Veronique Gens, Cecilia Bartoli, Anne Sophie von Otter, Ildebrando D'Arcangelo, and Magdalena Kožená, to name a few.

In short the whole pastiche is part of the present-day burst of performances from the Baroque.

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