Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modern Stagings

Watching streamed opera from Europe generally results in viewings of modern European style stagings, what we here in America like to call Eurotrash.  This always makes me think back to my days at the Ulmer Theater.  I like to think we were in at the beginning.

We had Busby Berkeley in John Dew's Der Vogelhändler.

We had psychoanalysis and shadow figures haunting the stage in Peter Mussbach's Figaros Hochzeit.  He may possibly be a psychoanalyst. 

And we had black on black productions by Giancarlo del Monaco, including Pique Dame.  Giancarlo was told to come up with some colors or find another job.  He found another job.  His Met production of La Fanciulla del West started out in Ulm.

I like to feel that there is nothing new in current European productions.  I'm only guessing that these are the right pictures.  They were all much younger then, and so was I.

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