Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anna Netrebko--what else?

We have this news:

"Anna Netrebko - Verdi is the first album in history by a female classical singer to hit #1 on the Austrian pop charts, and is also #6 in Germany, #8 in Denmark, and #1 on Russian iTunes!"

Perhaps my opinion is not really relevant, but I will say a few words.  The sound of her voice at this point is very pleasing.  Of course, with Netrebko you don't get the full experience without the acting, but nevertheless it is a very impressive recording.  She is at her peak now. I don't know that I agree with her that she shouldn't sing La Contessa, though.

It's nice to see this much excitement over an opera singer.


Rob said...

I've heard just bits of the recording. I thought she was pretty amazing in the Giovanna d'arco broadcast from last week.

Unknown said...

Giovanna d'Arco concert was excellent. As you say, Anna's best moments were always on stage. If Il trovatore arias are this good on CD, we can expect some great performances.