Sunday, August 04, 2013


I've been listening to Anja Harteros because she appears everywhere with Jonas Kaufmann, both in Verdi and in Wagner.  So I just have this one question:  Why are there no Verdi and Wagner albums with Anja?  Who is dropping the ball?  Now is the moment.


Rob said...

Amen! (Are there any, commercial audio recordings of AH anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Good question. The upcoming Verdi Requiem cd/dvd/bd will not do enough to fill in the blanks. I know the recording industry is in tough shape but this is truly puzzling.


Anonymous said...

Erm, to answer your question, other than a lieder album on Berlin Classics from a couple years ago, there appear to be no Harteros solo recital albums available on commercial CD. You can find her on several orchestral recordings and the most recent Pappano Verdi Requiem disc with Villazon, as well as a fair few DVDs. But it seems a shame there is not a recording contract.

I wonder if her family situation, her Eurpean base, combined with her non-appearances in the US, has held her back with the record companies. I can't think of another major voice with so little available. She seems highly marketable to me.


Dr.B said...

For my ears in this Verdi/Wagner year she is the singer.