Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Leontyne Price Requiem

I was raised on this.  Leontyne Price was the greatest Verdi singer that ever lived, and she wails this like no one else.  Watch how relaxed she is in her body when she sings.  The energy all goes into the phrase.  Karajan loved her and said she gave him goosebumps.

But I like to hear new things, new voices, new phrasing.  They are not required to top Ms Price because no one ever will.  I notice the more I blog about music the more love I feel, both for the music and for the artists making it.

The new Barenboim recording has soloists that all come from Germany and Latvia, singers who feel it differently.  I don't require other singer's to top Leontyne Price, but could they please try to wail just a bit now and then.


This is Renata Scotto, and she definitely wails.

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