Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Die Macht des Schicksals

Or Forza as it's usually known--don't forget it streams on Dec 28. This picture makes me smile.  I remember once long ago I was in Vienna and the newspaper said they were doing Die Macht des Schicksals.  I puzzled over this for a long time.  In those days the opera might have been performed in German.

For more pictures see here.


I was sent a link on my phone for this opera from the BSO--a first--which I can't find now in YT.  There was a lot of talking in German.  The regisseur compared Schicksal to Murphy's Law.  You know:  if it can go wrong, it will.  This is sort of the programmer's motto.

I find that it is Forza that I love.


Rackon said...

That's a lotta hair.

This must be Jonas' leather year.

Love this pic. Thank you forfor posting -the 12/28 livestream cannot come soon enough!

Dr.B said...

No wonder her father didn't approve.