Monday, May 25, 2015

West Side Story

To commemorate the announcement that Cecilia Bartoli will sing Maria in West Side Story at next year's Pfingstfest in Salzburg I present the film where Cher sings all the parts.

Perhaps Cecilia can get Cher to do Anita, the only part she seems actually suited for. In my imagination I see this part done by Liliana Nikiteanu.


Dr.B said...

Netrebko would make a great Anita.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure that Bartoli would not allow Netrebko's artistic emptiness around her... - in this year's final concert during Whitsun Festival,, Netrebko was flewn in for a 7 minutes aria, but only in the VORPROGRAMM - I suppose as a kind of compromise towards the more traditional Salzburg audience - but she got only faint applause. I think it is interesting that she was not included in the program but served as a form of musical (more or less) amuse gueule...

More details her: