Wednesday, May 06, 2015


This blog is sort of a train of thought thing and not really a set of essays.  How does my life intersect with music?

I went to the local college to see The Beggar's Opera, and this has led me to Kurt Weill, which has then in turn led me to actually read the book Kurt Weill on Stage which I have had around the house for a while.  Weill is a long time obsession that I may wish to indulge in.

Suddenly I am wanting to watch Berlin Alexanderplatz which is about this period.

I would have to research this further, but it seems my inability to see a clear Marxist vision in the texts of Bertolt Brecht comes from his own confusion about it.

I also find that I am conflicted about covering students in the form of reviews.

American Weill:

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