Friday, September 30, 2016


Here is the letter from Jonas Kaufmann:
"I'm sorry that my cancellations have been the source of much disappointment and frustration in recent weeks.
Of course, I can understand the irritation of all those who organized expensive trips to come and listen. Unfortunately, the performance of a singer's voice can not be guaranteed and sometimes a singer is confronted with events that require it to take a long rest.
When I noticed that something was not right with my voice, I thought at first a beginning of infection. The medical examination has however given another result: side effects of a drug have broken a small vein on my vocal cords.
So I have to stop singing until the hematoma has completely absorbed to prevent irreversible damage. So it is with a heavy heart that I have to cancel my performances Tales of Hoffmann in Paris.
I want to thank here all those who have sent me their well wishes via Facebook and email."

In additional news Roberto Alagna is having sinus surgery at the end of November.

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