Friday, January 06, 2017

Jonas sings Rigoletto

Zurich, 2005 (Audio)
Conductor: Nello Santi
Leo Nucci (Rigoletto)
Jonas Kaufmann (Duque de Mantua)
Elena Mosuc (Gilda)
Günther Groissböck (Sparafucile)  He is the Ochs later this season at the Met.
Katharina Peetz (Maddalena)

I like this conductor. This is a very fine cast and a pleasure to hear.  Mosuc is very romantic.  This is one of the operas I know almost by heart, and it is a joy to hear such a moving performance.  Nucci's Rigoletto is one of the great things. 


Paul said...

It may be worth noting that, at the time of this performance, Leo Nucci was 63 years old!

Dr.B said...

He's about the same age as Domingo, I guess. He received a bis at La Scala last year.