Saturday, August 27, 2005


I change my mind a lot depending on my mood. Some things are wonderful to hear the first time and become tiring with repetition.

Wonderful for always are...

Pavarotti, Freni and James Levine doing Manon Lescaut. I bought it because Cecilia did a brief solo on it, but it represents Pavarotti at his very best. His singing is very free in this role and very thrilling. Each hearing is more wonderful than the one before.

Bjoerling and de los Angeles in La Boheme. I admired Jussi from the beginning and came to love Victoria as I got older. It is one of the peak opera experiences.

Love and admiration are different emotions, and opera is well designed to arouse both. Love of a particular singer is personal. Admiration is much easier to describe.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of blogging, Dr. B, I have to say I enjoy reading yours on a regular basis. But I wonder why there aren't many comments. As for me, a mere opera novice really, it's more than a bit intimidating to think I have much to add to the discusion. :) Nevetheless, I'm always entertained and educated by your posts.

Dr.B said...

It would be nice if more people commented. I can keep blathering on regardless.