Wednesday, March 15, 2006


News from the Met:

'The Met has commissioned Golijov to compose his first full-length opera for the 2010-11 season. Gelb commented, “Osvaldo Golijov is a true and original voice who composes with great emotion and range. I’m very proud that his first major opera will be written for The Met.” Golijov said, “It’s time to grab the bull by its horns, and Peter Gelb is doing it by setting up a beehive of activity with wildly different creators that have something to tell, and a burning desire to tell it. I believe that this is the best chance for something wonderful to happen that will reverberate beyond the walls of The Met. For my part, I hope to compose a work that will not only be deserving of this house but, more importantly, of the power of opera as a vital means of expression in our world.”'

The man is everywhere. Forgive me for obsessing over him, but this guy is not doing classical music as we know it. Is he the wave of the future?


Paul said...

Hope you're enjoying your London stay. My business partner is over there this week, and he says that the weather has been good. Is La Bartoli singing in Massenet's "Cleopatre"? That's one of his operas I don't have on CD, as none (so far as I know) is still "in print."

Dr.B said...

I adore London. I'm home this week getting my taxes done, but am going back on Monday.

I'm sorry. Cleopatra referred to the role and not to the opera, which is Giulio Cesare. Cecilia in Massenet? Hmmm.