Sunday, March 26, 2006

tube sightings

A young man sat down next to me on the tube and said to his friends, "Remember, the Circle is the oldest of all the lines." I asked him about this, was it especially important or memorable, and he told me they were attempting to stop at all 27 stops and have a drink at each one. They were already well along, and I said it was a good thing that some of the stations were closed. I suggested that he could spread this out over more than one night, that the concept still applied, but this was obviously an old person's perspective.


Paul said...

When my wife and I took our oldest son to London as his high school graduation present (he's now an engineer), he wanted to ride on every tube line -- Hamersmith & City was the most elusive based on where we were staying, but he did it. I guess young peoples' goals are different nowadays!

Dr.B said...

Circle is my main line. I take circle to get to the Barbican, but I can also go directly from the office via the Hammersmith and City Line. To Covent Garden is the Picadilly Line, and I took the Northern Line to get to Hampstead Heath. The office is on the District Line. London Bridge is on the Jubilee Line, and Pemlico for the Tate Britain is on the Victoria Line. I know I rode the Central Line for a show. I guess that still leaves a few.