Friday, March 24, 2006

Blue Men

For some reason the Blue Man Group reminded me of Cirque de Soleil. It's a circus with only the clown acts. Perhaps it was the hidden musicians who appear and disappear that made me think of Cirque. I kept waiting for the man on fire to appear--my favorite Cirque de Soleil act. A man comes out and after a while all of his clothes are on fire, which he pretends not to notice. I thought this would go well with men in blue makeup and constantly deadpan expressions.

The whole show is very messy, with messy eating, messy drumming, and food flowing all over the place. Someone from the audience was brought up and asked to eat some of these odd, not particularly edible looking things. It is very popular with teens who must be wishing their mom wasn’t there asking them to clean up after themselves.

The two things are eating and drumming. Very attractive. I was especially attracted to the home-made marimba constructed out of plastic tubing. One could wish for interesting things to bang on.

Is this starting to sound too much like a travelogue?

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