Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Celebrity fascination

Who knew about this? Anna is up there with Britney?

The one who seems to be hurting the most is Rolando Villazon. He's taking two whole months off. [It's my blog. If I say something really stupid, I get to take it out.]

I realize consumers and event managers think it is all some kind of conspiracy, that cancelling singers are somehow in a category with Paris and Lindsay, that they are capricious children only trying to ruin the lives of said consumers and event managers. However, the voice is a tiny and very fragile organ that needs to be treated with respect by its owner. Many teachers frown on singing with any kind of cold and would never allow singing with laryngitis. My sense of Anna in particular is that she may not be cancelling enough.

This reminds me of all the times I bought tickets to see Placido Domingo at the San Francisco Opera, and he didn't show. He always had good excuses--death in the family, earthquake, etc., but it still meant I didn't get to see him. Finally he showed up for Hérodiade with Renée Fleming, an absurd, insignificant opera with a weak tenor part. Hoffmann was a particular disappointment. I am not going to have a tantrum over this.

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