Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shit is happening

People are cancelling.

First Elīna Garanča cancelled Salzburg for personal reasons.

Then Anna Netrebko cancelled on her doctor's orders for throat problems she is having. This is a problem she has been having for at least a couple of months, one which must not be treated as trivial. I think she is over-booked by her management. She is constantly telling us that she has no free time, a situation that absolutely must end. Book her a vacation, for God's sake. If she made $2 million last year, she can afford it. She and Elīna Garanča were originally scheduled to do Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, something we would still like to hear some day but can wait for. If the Lakme duet currently showing on YouTube is any example, it should be heavenly.

Then Rolando Villazon cancelled. He had already cancelled at Baden Baden. The management of the Salzburg Festival is very angry.


Anonymous said...

It is Netrebko's own decision to say yes or no to her management's booking policy. She has made it very clear in her interviews that her first purpose is to make as much money as possible.
Plus: she has decided to sing various concerts in huge stadion tour in Germany in July ... with a lot of benjamins, yeah ...so Salzburg has to pay the price for that.
Plus she is vulgar: I have heard her telling a huge TV audiences that her greatest dream is to strip dance all night on a pole table in a room filled with drooling men... I mean who the hell is keeping her ...

So in her own words and actions she makes it clear that she is and wants to be - rather than a serious musician - a money making pop icon. And she shares the fate of cheap icons : she starts to be tin decline and shall be dropped by mass audiences and marketing rather soon ... and substituted very quickly.

Netrebko knows exactly what she is doing. There is no reason to regret her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who say that Anna is overdoing it- she is trying to make it big while she can and I don't blame her. She happens to live in my building and is the nicest person- very serious and talks freely about opera, reviews she gets, plans etc. Hard to understand people who slam her- she is the perfect combination of voice and charisma- her live performances are just about perfect. Looks like Villazon is burnt out- it's a shame-he's a very nice and friendly guy.

Dr.B said...

I think Anna is pretty amazing, and I hope se is taking care of herself.

Carlos said...

Anna has been always acting in a full profesionnal way, with a very few number of cancellations, always been justified. She is one of the best soprano nowadays, my favorite one. Uuuhhh... this is a question for the 2nd anonymous... may I ask you for your address? (just joking, or not....) ;). You and the blog owner, not the first anonymous, are cordially invited to take a look from time to time to my blog devoted to her anna-netrebko.blogspot.com