Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was telling the orchestra guys staying in the house with me about my abortive operatic career and explained that I had no high notes. "Yes. High or loud," was the answer. So you have to be one or the other, or best of all both. I wasn't either. It's good to have ones opinions validated. I always feel at home with musicians.

They told me that when anyone made a mistake they contributed a quarter. I think it was a quarter. Then at the end of the season they had a party with the money. The Glass opera meant the pot was large. Playing Glass makes you crazy. The little figures all sort of sound the same. It's hypnotic.

I explained that I had a DMA from Indiana because I used to be married to a Hoosier. I think this was sort of disgusting. They shook their heads. I explained that it was a truly horrible experience. N said that he had heard that and was glad he hadn't gone there. They want you to suffer, but it's too much.

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