Monday, August 06, 2007


That's the English National Opera. Just when I was thinking this blog was an annoying and possibly stupid idea, someone has actually asked me to blog about something. ENO is doing Carmen this fall, 29 Sept - 23 November, and you can check it out here. They do opera in English, and I've seen a couple of them: Sir John in Love and La Belle Helene. I'm coming to London in December and will miss it. My search for the perfect Carmen continues.

Everything about this opera is being blogged. The theory is that blogging about opera is the wave of the future.

They have created their own translation and are blogging about that. May we assume that Alice Coote is singing Carmen? The clips of her singing on the website are enticing.

The blog entries are interesting and fun, but might I suggest a small amount of journalism. Oh, here it is: Cast includes: Carmen Alice Coote; Don José Julian Gavin; Micaela Katie Van Kooten; Escamillo David Kempster; Frasquita Elena Xanthoudakis; Mercedes Fiona Murphy; Dancairo Andrew Rees; Remendado Scott Davies; Morales Ronan Collett; Zuniga Graeme Danby.

There is a blog entry on auditions. Even thinking about it fills me with anxiety. Exploring this website reminds me once again that opera is the most happening medium in the world today.

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Unknown said...

Dear Dr. B,
It was me that asked you to blog about Carmen at ENO! And thank you very much for doing so.
As you will see from the site, it is still in the early stages and is pretty much still an experiment - hence me asking for your and your readers' opinions. Which ties in with the theory of blogging as a means of enabling democratic debate and comment. I'd love to know your thoughts as the site grows and we put ever more content up there. Have you checked out the videos from behind the scenes?
Anyone can comment on any of the blogs - and we encourage them to do so.
Thanks again for the mention and I look forward to hearing any more thoughts.
Rachael Castell