Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post recording industry

It's time to ask the question: What will a post-recording industry world be like? There is collapse all around, not merely in classical music which has been collapsing for decades. We should all try to remind ourselves that most if not possibly all of the great music that was created in western society was created pre-recording industry. It is possible that it is the recording industry itself that has created our world, a world in which ancient monuments recreated ad nauseum and modern crap are all we get to hear.

What if music weren't merely produced, but was instead created?

There isn't really much room for comfort, I'm afraid. It is proposed to replace the recording industry with endlessly repeating arena concerts. Much as I might wish it, it is doubtful that this bodes well for creativity. When Bryn Terfel proposed reorganizing his career in this way, I gave him shit for it. I repeat my previous proposal: if that's where they are going, we should boycott. Vow today never to attend an arena concert. In my case I would have to vow not to buy the DVD either.

I think the recording industry is looking in the wrong places to find where its problems lie. I think they should consider the possibility that the problem lies in the product and not the distribution methods. And other hand wringing.

Wait. We aren't to consider Cecilia Bartoli's concerts in the arena concert category, are we? I can't vow not to go to those. She generally appears in normal classical concert venues.

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