Monday, July 28, 2008

Bella Italia

I have long had the fantasy that as an old woman I would live in a tiny apartment near the Giardino Borghese in Rome, that every day I would walk there and sit on the benches to watch the people walk by. Then I would have coffee in the cafe in the park.

I don't know if it is necessary to actually live out this fantasy, but I practice having an Italian breakfast with brioche and cappuccino standing up at a bar.

I have taken lessons in how to make coffee at home in the aluminum gadget and what kind of coffee to buy: Lavazza crema e gusto. My Italian doesn't improve. I think there is too long between times and I am too old.

I eat out in restaurants more than the others. Samples:

Octapus with celery salad
Calzone with ricotta and prosciuto
Steak medium-rare with truffle sauce
Arugula salad with avocato, cheese and arugula pesto
Risotto del mare

All amazingly good.

Rome has an unusual beauty that seeps into the soul. This trip I think I will not go there. Perhaps next year.

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