Monday, July 21, 2008


I intended to blog a lot more from Italy, but life is turning out to be too dense for such a leisurely activity. Proposed topics:

Singing in gondolas
High mass at the Basilica San Marco in Venice
Aida at the Arena di Verona
la Festa del Redentore

One thing I have to write about now.

We took our seats very early in the Arena di Verona because we were exhausted from climbing steep stairs in Venice, and just after we sat down dark clouds appeared overhead. I came prepared for rain and put on my outfit. Someone announced that the performance of Aida might be delayed.

In the unreserved seats behind us someone started a wave which went clockwise around the arena about five times. It would reach the stage and immediately jump to the other side until the gong lady came out to announce that the opera would soon begin. We prefer to believe that the wave helped clear the weather.

I am pleased to say that my first participation in a wave took place at an opera. Or a spettacolo, as they say. Not sure about the spelling.

I am taking hundreds of photographs, some of which are actually good.

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