Thursday, July 24, 2008

Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina

We went together to hear the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina in the Bargello, a smaller venue than the Palazzo Pitti but still open air. They played Le quattro stagioni by Vivaldi and Concerto No. 1 per Marimba e archi by N. Rosauro, a Brazilian composer.

The Marimba concerto was only interesting in the marimba part. The orchestral part was weak and unidiomatically conceived. He clearly likes the marimba, but doesn't understand the idea of a concerto as a duel between two equals.

I found out that Vivaldi wrote a program for the four seasons into the score. I didn't know that. This group played Vivaldi with passion and understanding. The conductor, Giuseppe Lanzetta, was quite reserved and left the passion and drama to his players. I liked him very much.

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Anonymous said...

Not just a program, there are actual texts for the melodies. Cecilia Bartoli sings some on one of her albums.