Thursday, October 22, 2009


In Munich there was an exhibition of works by Alphonse Maria Mucha [pronounced Mook-ha], a native of Moravia whose fame stems from a six year association advertising the performances of Sarah Bernhardt in Paris. The above poster of Gismonda, 1 January 1895, was the first in the series. I have long been an admirer.

Damaged murals from the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, also shown, were new for me. Art Nouveau was originally called Mucha Style. This should clarify his relationship to the style. In German speaking countries this is called Jugendstil.

The posters are bigger than I thought--more the size of a door than a window.

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Paul said...

His artistic style is very similar to that of Erte -- who I'm guessing is a Mucha copycat.