Monday, October 19, 2009

Recital in Ulm

When I said I was going to Germany for no reason, it wasn't exactly true. I came to hear my friend Dolores Blumenstock in recital in Ulm. The recital took place in the Haus der Begegnung in a room that began its life as a Greek church.

I was impressed with her program and with the fact that she still sings. She did:
  • "Lamento d'Arianna" by Claudio Monteverdi
  • "Arianna a Naxos" by Joseph Haydn
  • "Frauen Liebe und Leben" by Robert Schumann
  • Two extra songs by Schubert not on the program.

The recital is a remembrance of her husband who died a year ago. Unrelenting sadness can work for some people, and it did for Dolores.

Normally she is cheerful. Ulm has changed a lot, but Dolores seems ever the same.

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