Sunday, October 04, 2009


The official nickname of Cecilia Bartoli seems to be "La Gioiosa," she who brings joy. Various others have been floated, but I like this one.

I thought about translating another interview from Bild am Sonntag, but found only this quote from Cecilia to be of interest:

"And what was with Michael Jackson? Didn't he likewise sacrifice his body for art? His nose, his chin, his skin color, his voice. Everything! Humans love the monster. And we exceed still the boundries of the human for art. Also in the case of Michael Jackson a unique artist came out who fascinated his fellow men. A hermaphrodite, with whom one could no more differentiate between black or white, man or woman. For me it was the continuation of the castrati in the 21st century."

Cool. Truth is I'm always looking for items about MJ's nose. A CB item about MJ's nose cannot be topped.

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