Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Piotr Beczala

And what about this guy?

This reminds me of Bjoerling. Tone. Style isn't quite as good. He should maybe listen to some Jussi since the sound is so similar.

I did my time in German opera, and he's good. He does the seriously corny quite well. There can never be too many tenors.


Paul said...

The only time I've heard Beczala was when he stepped in and sang Edgardo in the Met's "Lucia" HD cinecast. I thought he was terrific there. Thanks for posting these clips!

Dr.B said...

He sang Rodolpho La Boheme opposite Angela in San Francisco.

Chris Baker said...

You can never be too seriously corny.

Dalva M. Ferreira said...

Piotr Beczala is one of the greatest tenors of our days. I adore him!