Thursday, August 06, 2009


It would not be possible to imagine a greater stylistic contrast than we heard over the last two nights: the lively and athletic Natalie Dessay singing the lively and dynamic Verdi, followed by the stately and powerful Christine Brewer singing the sedate and sleep-inducing Gluck. The only thing that seemed similar was the dancing.

If you haven't been, the Santa Fe Opera venue is open to the elements. The weather is at nature's whim. We saw lightning in the distance both nights while the temperature stayed warm. As you wander around the grounds, everywhere are beautiful young people directing your way. Highly recommended.

The lecturer for La Traviata mentioned "The Lisbon Traviata"--Maria Callas's legendary 1958 performance of Violetta in Lisbon. Apparently you can buy this from House of Opera if you look for a city called lisbonne.

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