Wednesday, May 21, 2014


There is currently a row going on in the opera world, dubbed Taragate, about the attacks by male critics on Tara Erraught currently cast as Octavian at Glyndebourne.  See Opera Fresh, Telegraph, Elle, Telegraphagain, etc.  It's all over Twitter, too.  It live streams on June 8 if you want to make up your own mind.

Glyndebourne responds:  "Tara Erraught is an outstandingly talented artist whom we are thrilled to have as part of the cast of Der Rosenkavalier."

Should I feel guilty about this?  After all, I have posted a sexiest opera singers list every year since the beginning of this blog.  I even complained about Anna Netrebko post baby, something that I have reconsidered.  I am used to the way she looks now and still think she is gorgeous.

In the case of the Glyndebourne incident, I still insist that the designer of a production can make his performers look any way he wants.  If you don't like the way Ms. Erraught looks, you should complain about the production.  These people who sing Octavian are women.  That is part of the fun.  If you successfully completely disguise that fact, isn't that a mistake?  If you don't like cross-dressing, stop going to Rosenkavalier or any of the other operas where this goes on.  See extensive discussion of cross-dressing elsewhere in this blog.

I know of at least two young singers who do long distance running to keep their weight down.  Whoever you are, you have seen at least one of them and will probably soon see the other one. 

To Tara herself I would like to remind her there is no bad publicity. 

Tara is singing La Cenerentola next season at the Washington National Opera.

FYI:  Dame Kiri agrees with me.

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Dr.B said...

For me It's the ridiculously skinny Kate who looks weird. I even worry that JK is looking too thin.